Meet the Artist- Signs O’ Fire


Signs O’ Fire began with a small pile of scrap wood that was too beautiful to put in the trash. For 4 years since that pile has grown, along with the business itself. I love to travel and show my work to others, share the stories of where this piece of cedar or pine came from and sell driftwood pieces with words like love and peace burned on them.

People appreciate and recognize I use scrap wood which is wonderful to me. It’s always been recycled materials that really capture my imagination to create them into something else. A puzzle, a challenge and a dream. I feel strongly about caring for our environment, this work helps me send these messages in the images of trees flowers and animals alongside literary genius’ and poets words. “Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing will get better, it’s not.” My hero Dr. Seuss and his words like those have made me like the Lorax ; I speak for the trees.

A discarded cedar shingle, detail of the tree

I am thankful for the many donations from builders and beachcombers. I keep this business viable by rarely buying supplies and materials. When customers ask for custom pieces of a particular size I explain my mode of operation and they appreciate the lower cost to them for that reason.

Signs O’ Fire can be found weekends at The Fantastic Umbrella Factory through the summer with occasional shows on Block Island at the BI historical society shows on Sundays in July and August. Weekly shows like Wed. nights at the Guild and Thursday nights on Main St. in Wakefield are favorite locations for me because of the socialization it brings to balance my life of making art in the studio. Rhythm and Roots on Labor day weekend in Charlestown is also on the list of shows this season, such fun dancing and selling artwork at the same time! Etsy is a great way to see samples of my work, check out signsofire there! The website is fun too, has info and is a fantastic way to contact me and start a custom order.

Pendant made from a Purple Plum tree limb, grown in my yard.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found this medium of pyrography as it has captured my attention for 4 years. I have recently expanded to working in ceramics and on the table at the Narragansett Arts  Guild on Wed. nights you will find my first explorations with clay.  I am grateful for the support of other artisans such as the guild members. Selling alongside talented makers inspires me to keep going, making more art and continue my dream of being a working artist.

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