Meet the artist- Mike Bryce


Mike is an unassuming artist.  He accepts compliments with a blush and offers beautiful landscapes of RI. So many images that resonate with us locals as well; RI icons like the Dells cup, the Awful Awful and a Narragansett beer can. His work makes sense to all locals and visitors with subjects featuring beautiful mermaids, sandy beaches, large sunflowers, hanging buoys and beach umbrellas.  His glowing oranges and yellows create a sense of warmth and light, infused with his own distinct style.

Other than being a full time Narragansett Arts Guild artist he is a very busy guy doing shows everywhere from Boston to Block Island and he is also;

  • Adjunct Professor at Art Institute of Boston
  • Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Owner-operator at Providence Artisans Market 
  • From and currently Lives in Providence
  • President, Foundry Artists Association

Stop by and see Mike, you wont be able to miss him, unless of course you happen by when he takes off to the beach for a stroll! Talking to him is a joy and his smiling face will match the smile his painting will put on yours!  Mike is always painting on site too which is fun to watch, and how he keeps up this mad pace of shows and selling. Be sure to see him this summer, come to Narragansett, he is with us every week! Starting Wed. June 28th until Aug 30th.

Check out his facebook page-Bryce Studio

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